All Things Will Eventually End

Buddha taught (and hence His Holiness teaches) that all things eventually end. If this is true, then why does His Holiness suffer in regards to the ending of Tibet as he knew it? Why do we all stress over the power of the greedy, such as Communist China and that of the U.S. government? If the Buddha’s teaching is true, as I (as well as many others including His Holiness) believe, there is no reason to suffer over these things because these empires will eventually cease to exist. And, in my humble opinion, peace will ultimately prevail.

I am not saying to sit back and say nothing about the atrocities inflicted by the powerful regimes. Education of such things is a good thing and teaches people about the need for peace. What I am saying is let the babies have the land that they want and continue to teach loving kindness, compassion, and peace. Ultimately, the masses will understand and such powerful regimes will crumble.

Why negotiate? What is right is that the people of Tibet (as well as all people) be free AND independent. Do not give in to one demand, such as agreeing to include Tibet under China yet maintain autonomy. Do not jeopardize nor negotiate your values away. Do not take up arms against them, but do not settle for less than what is right and, in the meantime, show the world what babies they really are.

As righteous adults, we allow adult babies (whiners, whatever) to have their way and we take the high-road. The situation between China and Tibet is a perfect example. Just take comfort in the knowledge that the regime will ultimately end as the masses become aware that loving kindness, compassion, and peace are the only means to salvation. Besides, they may take your land, your belongings, or maybe even your life. But, they can never take away what you know to be right and eventually (through rebirth and conscious evolution) the masses will figure it out.


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